Disclaimer: Installing SansaLinux on your Sansa is on your own risk! I can not be held liable for damaged caused by installing or using SansaLinux!

Installation from Windows / Linux / OSX

  1. To install SansaLinux first download sansalinux-complete-0.2 archive for your OS and unzip or unstuff it.
  2. Copy the two files initrd and linux.bin in the sansa-directory to the root of your Sansa
  3. If you want MPD-support, copy the file Datei usrfs in the sansa/usrfs-mpd dir to the root of your sansa, if you don't want MPD-support, copy the file usrfs in the sansa/usrfs-nompd dir to the root of your Sansa
  4. Run sansapatcher for e200. Choose i to install the bootloader. After the installation disconnect the Sansa. For e200R(Rhapsody models) follow instructions in bootloader-Rhapsody/readme-e200R.txt.

Running SansaLinux

The Bootloader that comes with SansaLinux is a modified Rockbox-bootloader. If you have installed the Rockbox player software (doesn't come with SansaLinux) it will boot to rockbox as default(when no key is pressed during player-startup). If you don't have installed rockbox it will boot the original firmware at startup.

To start Linux just press the right (») button during startup of the Sansa.

Please note
If you installed the MPD-usrfs, SansaLinux might hang when initializing MPD. Leave it there for a few minutes, then reset your Sansa (holding power for ~20 secs). After that, MPD should work. If not, you have to use the no-mpd usrfs. Bugfixing of this is in progress.